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Tips on Installation of Solar Panels

If you build a solar power array, you might be looking for a Solar Panel Installation Guide. This will tell you where and how to get the materials you need to build your solar panels. Building a homemade solar power array is not as hard as some people think it is.

Here are Some Top Tips for Installation of Solar Panels

Pick the Right Location

One essential part of the solar panel installation guide is to pick the right location to put your system. If you don't choose the right spot, you can damage or even kill your array. For example, if you are planning to place it on top of your roof, you need to make sure there are at least two inches of clear area in front of it to help the wiring run correctly. If you don't have enough space actually to install the system, you can always use concrete or other types of surface covering to act as a backup. Check out here to know more about solar panels.

You will also want to make sure that your roof is in good shape to support your new solar system. If there are any weak spots on the roof, they must be covered up to prevent the system from being damaged. You may also need the electrical wiring run through space, so it mustn't be near anything that could short circuit the wires or damage the mounts.

Check With the Local Building Codes

You should also check with your local building codes to see what type of permits you would need to get before starting your installation. Some places do not allow roof-mounted electrical systems, so be sure to check ahead of time.

Equipment You Will Need

When you are done with the installation process, you will need to purchase some extra equipment to complete the job. The first item you will need to purchase is a few different sizes of battery cells. Most solar panel installation guides will recommend purchasing at least four batteries, but the fewer, the better. Because you are using large amounts of power, you will find that you must place the batteries in a location with direct access to the sun and protected from water and snow.

Before installing your new solar panel, you must connect the four cells using an electrical connection cable. There are a number of different wires you can use, but the most commonly used ones are EMT and CTS.

Solar Panel Installation Guide: How It Can Help You

The best way to determine which type of wire you need to use is to refer to your solar panel installation guide since they will give you a lot of information about the electrical outlets you should use for your installation.

Once the wiring has been purchased, you need to connect the mounting frame to the solar cells. Again, your solar panel installation guide will tell you which type of mounting frame to purchase, and the electrician you hire should be able to assist you with this step.

Now, once all of the mounting frame components have been connected, the mounting wires must be attached and connected to the frame. The wiring is essential since it allows the mounting frame to receive an electrical signal. Your installation guide should provide you with specific information about mounting and wiring the system correctly.

After the mounting frame has been connected to the wires, your next step is to install your wiring management system. You can purchase an electrical tester and use it to test the wires for splintering, earth continuity, etc.

Once the testing is complete, you will need to re-attach the mounting brackets to the back of the array. If your manual does not specify how to do this, your local electrician should be able to assist you with this process. Once all of the mounting brackets have been attached, you can begin wiring the solar panel array.

To Sum Up

After you have completed these steps, your solar panels should be installed correctly. However, if you have questions during the installation process, there are many knowledgeable installers out there. Look into the phone book, your local hardware store, or search online for reviews of local solar panel installation professionals.

Regardless of how difficult your installation process might be, if you follow the instructions outlined in your solar panel installation guide, you should be on your way to enjoying your new investment in no time.

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